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Hello, my name is Sadiq Sharaf, I am an Omani business freelancer with over 28 years of business knowledge and experience in Oman.

I love and enjoy working closely with Omani fresh entrepreneurs and foreign investors to discuss, plan and start their business operations in Oman.

So, if you have a thought or plan to do business in Oman please contact me  NOW !

Sadiq Bio

Sadiq Sharaf Al Moosawi, 53-year-old Omani business freelancer, is the Proprietor of Jeema Management Consultancy and Services (Jeema Consulting), earned the BA Business Administration and Management at the University of Kent in the UK.Directly after graduation, Sadiq Al Moosawi joined bp (British Petroleum), the reputable multinational oil & gas giant, in Oman and worked for bp in Oman and abroad for more than 20 years. Throughout his career in bp, Sadiq Al Moosawi highly benefited from the multi-culture work environment and extensive business knowledge and expertise through working in different areas of business operations channels such as HR, Local Retail and Wholesale Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, Customer Loyalty Programmes, Customer Convenience Programmes, Regional Retail & Wholesale Sales & Marketing, PR, and CSR. Attending and participating in many various work projects, training, seminars and workshops in Oman and abroad had increased and widened the level of business knowledge and expertise.

After 20 years of employment with bp, Sadiq Al Moosawi decided to move forward to new challenge that can translate the gained business knowledge and expertise to new definition and meaning. In 2010, Sadiq Al Moosawi started his management consultancy career where he focused mainly on guiding and assisting Omani youth in their efforts to start their own business. To enhance that direction, Sadiq Al Moosawi also opened Sanad Service Centre (a Government- sponsored programme that deals with the actual day-to-day process, procedures and documentation of business start-up in Oman). Managing Sanad Service Centre allowed for an excellent lower -end experience of how the real and actual start-up in Oman occur. Being exposed directly to the “upper-end” and “lower-end” of doing business in Oman had greatly enhanced Sadiq Al Moosawi knowledge and expertise in the field of establishing and managing businesses in Oman.

The gained knowledge and experience of 28 years are now what is being offered to Omani youth and foreign investors who are planning to do business in Oman. Jeema Consulting can professionally and practically shorten your way to start your business in Oman quickly, safely and profitably.
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