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Hello, my name is Sadiq Sharaf, I am an Omani business freelancer with over 28 years of business knowledge and experience in Oman.

I love and enjoy working closely with Omani fresh entrepreneurs and foreign investors to discuss, plan and start their business operations in Oman.

So, if you have a thought or plan to do business in Oman please contact me  NOW !

Foreign Investment

Over the last few years, the Sultanate of Oman has been witnessing rapid economic growth that has touched almost all levels of the national economy. There are two main reasons for this outstanding economic growth; the Sultanate's growing needs for additional infrastructure and the willingness of the Omani political wise leadership to invest generously to improve and upgrade the infrastructure.
The remarkable growth has convinced many regional and international companies to come forward and invest in Oman. As new business entrants to Oman, regional and international companies will definitely need various local assistance and support.
Jeema Management Consultancy and Services (Jeema consulting) has designed a programme to handle the first inquiry regarding rules and regulations of investment in Oman and goes on to cover other areas like finding temporary or permanent office, assisting in recruiting local employees, opening channels to know and meet Omani Government personnel, and many other services. Through "Estethmar" (Meanning Investment in Arabic) Programme, Jeema Consulting can work together with local or foreign parties to sail through all necessary processes and procedures of setting company working under the Omani Foreign Investment  Law, such as:
  • Pre – Investment information.
  • Entry Visa to feel and see the Omani business environment.
  • Business Partnership Legalities.
  • Company Formation.
  • Head office/ Showrooms/ Stores/ Shops.
  • Family Joining Formalities.
  • HR & Employees Requirement.
  • Sales & Marketing.
  • Many other consultancies & services.    
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